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Specialized Equipments


We at 32Strong ensure that all procedures, materials, equipments and techniques confirm to International standards. The clinic houses state-of-the-art equipment for all Dental procedures.

We use one of the most advanced digital radiology technique. Our X-ray unit is MAX70 by CSN industries. This X-ray machine allows precise image capture with minimum radiation dose. We also use RVG (RadioVisuoGraphy) technology (by Kodak), wherein a sensor is used intraorally instead of conventional films, for image capture. The X-Ray image is immediately available and visible on the computer, hence saving time consuming film development process. Besides, with RVG radiation dose is also reduced to one tenth while enhancing the image quality at the same time.


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Gone are the days, when the only solution for a badly decayed tooth was extraction..These days majority of teeth can be saved by RCT (Root Canal Treatment). We at 32strong uses the most recent dental advances to do a RCT. Single sitting root canal is a choice nowadays. We use modern technology like Rotary Protaper to do a root canal treatment which provides better prognosis and long term success rate. This new system makes the treatment easy, less time consuming and painless for the patient.

ultrasonic scalerWe believe in using the best of equipments to provide the patient with the most efficient and comfortable dental care. At our center very efficient ultrasonic scalers are used for scaling. The tips vibrate at a very high frequency and fragment the calculus. The accompanying water spray washes the debris out. And high pressure suction is used to just suck this out. The end result is a clean mouth that is not only more hygienic but also better looking.


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