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Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

Dr Pooja Jain at 32strong dental clinic is a painless root canal specialist in Delhi synonymous with painless root canal treatment.

• Sensitivity/pain in a tooth, especially on having something warm/hot. Pain persists even after removal of hot stimuli.
• Pain in the tooth while applying pressure to eat/chew something (the patient avoids eating on the side where the infected tooth is).
• A pimple near the gum of the infected tooth which comes and goes (may or may not have pus); this tooth may or may not have pain.
• An obvious swelling in proximity of the painful tooth.

What is RCT?
Root Canal Treatment is a procedure wherein the nerve fibers of the affected tooth are removed to render it totally painless. This way the painful natural tooth is cured and preserved, thereby avoiding the need of extraction.

How is RCT done ?
Painless Root Canal specialist in DelhiFirstly the access to the Pulp is made and then the Pulp tissues are taken out of the tooth and root canals are cleaned thoroughly with files. Then the inert, natural, bio compatible material (gutta percha) is filled in the canals and then permanent filling and capping is done. The entire procedure of RCT is done under Local Anaesthesia for the utmost comfort of patient and is a totally painless procedure. With the advent of newer and better technology like Protaper utilized at 32Strong, the RCTs in most cases are now being done in single sitting only. It saves multiple visits of the patients for the same procedure. Only in some cases of RCTs or in case of severe infection we might opt for multiple sitting root canal treatment. For some cases Antibiotic coverage might also be required prior to or during the treatment.

Is RCT Painful ?
No, RCT is not painful when done under Local Anaesthesia so that the tooth and tissues around it do not feel any sensation and are numb. At 32Strong, we make extra efforts to make your treatment completely painless. This enables you to be very comfortable during the entire procedure. Painless root canal treatment in Delhi may sound like a dream, but at 32strong dental clinic we make it happen. We adopt advanced techniques that makes it impossible to do it without any pain.

Why is RCT Necessary ?
Root Canal treatment is the only option to save the tooth when the pulp gets traumatised or is infected due to caries which leads to pain and sensitivity. If RCT is not done in time and is delayed the tooth might have to be extracted.
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