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Most Common Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Most Common Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity
March 29, 2018 No comments yet

Do you know at least 15 percent of the people all over the world have tooth sensitivity? Not sure if you are one of them? Do this simple test. Drink a super chilled glass of water, or have a bite of freezing ice cream. If it makes you go “ouch” and causes a different sensation in your teeth, yes you are also the part of that 15 percent.

The reason behind going ouch is usually “exposed dentin” and it is one of the most common oral health problems.

Here is a list of factors that are part of your routine knowingly or unknowingly and is causing tooth sensitivity:

1. You are brushing too hard: Using the correct brush with proper technique is the first thing to do, to avoid any kind of oral health problem. If you are brushing too hard or using a brush that has really hard bristles it will surely lead to destruction of the tooth enamel. This makes the teeth vulnerable and any kind of bacteria and acid will lead to discomfort. The only solution to it is using a brush that is soft on the teeth and gums.

2. Consuming food that produces acid: Acid works on the teeth just like bacteria does. They keep on destroying the enamel, which leads to small canals that are inside the teeth being exposed to different kind of food that we eat. Fruits like tomato, lemon, and kiwi are acid producing and should be avoided. Also make it a point to use a straw while having any kind of soda.

3. Tooth grinding: Tooth grinding is a habit that some of us do unknowingly while sleeping. This seemingly small habit causes a big harm to the enamel of the teeth. This leads to dentine coming in contact with food and bacteria which results in tooth sensitivity. If you are one of those tooth grinders visit the dentist and ask for a mouth guard.

4. Excessive use of mouth wash: Mouth washes are full of different kind of chemicals and alcohol which when used excessively leads to problems especially when you already have an exposed dentine. The solution to this is either using fluoride rich mouthwash that has low chemical content or ditching the mouthwash completely and brushing and flossing diligently.

5. Prevailing gum diseases: Gum diseases like receding gums & gingivitis are most common gum problems which cause tooth sensitivity. These problems make the teeth weaker and more prone to getting affected. If you are suffering from these , visit the dentist and he will cure the gum problems and also seal your teeth to make sure no part is exposed to unwanted bacteria in the mouth.

6. Plaque: The main aim of brushing and flossing is to reduce plaque buildup. If there is excess plaque, it will start affecting the enamel quality and ultimately leading to tooth sensitivity and decay. To make sure your teeth are protected, follow good oral hygiene routine and visit a dentist regularly.

7. Whitening toothpaste: While using tooth whitening pastes may leave with whiter teeth, the excess chemicals in them may cause tooth sensitivity. If you are sensitive to excess chemicals, either use less of the whitening paste or change it completely.

8. Dental treatments: If you have just visited the dentist, chances are your teeth will be feeling extra sensitive. Though it should be short lived and will disappear after a while. If it doesn’t, visit, a dentist as it could a sign of an infection.

9. Cracked tooth: A cracked tooth will cause your mouth more sensitive to every sensation. Till the time it’s not treated, you will keep feeling sharp pains. Rush to a dentist as soon as you can and let him evaluate the damage done.

10. Decay around the fillings: With time, the fillings also weaken and that can lead to debris getting accumulated near the filling. This can weaken the filling further. Visit the dentist regularly so that he can keep a check on your oral health. In most of the cases changing the filling will solve the problem.

Tooth sensitivity is not a problem in itself, it is merely is a reminder that something is not right. So don’t ignore tooth sensitivity and get the best dentist in Delhi to have a look at your teeth as soon as you feel any sharp pain in your mouth.

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