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List of Popular Teeth Whitening Good Products For the Teeth

List of Popular Teeth Whitening Good Products For the Teeth
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We all as a society are becoming more and more obsessed with looking perfect. We want that model figure, dressing sense and yes even that perfect pair of teeth. We all have white teeth as children but as we grow due to bad oral hygiene habits or consuming drinks like tea, coffee and wine, in excess, can lead them to lose their shine and color. A dull set of teeth is a serious confidence damper and no one can look complete without a perfect smile.

This obsession is making people more aware and responsible towards their teeth and is also fueling the ever growing market of teeth whitening products. Every year millions of teeth whitening products are being consumed by the people. From dental trays to whitening toothpastes more and more products are being added to this ever growing industry.

Here is a list of popular teeth whitening products and all the pros and cons of using them, read through them and make an informed choice:

Toothpaste & rinses

  • Pros – Tooth pastes are meant to make your teeth look cleaner and whiter as they clean the teeth of all the plaque and debris. There are special whitening toothpastes available in the market having chemicals which has bleaching properties. So along with cleaning the teeth, cleaning the gums and removing bad breath, they also bring a noticeable difference to the color of the teeth.
  • Cons – Whitening pastes aren’t as effective as a rinse in removing the yellowish color of the teeth. The chemicals that are present in the toothpaste don’t have a lasting effect. Rinses on the other hand contain hydrogen peroxide, which provide a slightly better result than a toothpaste, but still very inefficient as compared to other whitening options.


  • Pros – These super thin whitening strips come loaded with hydrogen peroxide gel. Just apply them for 30-40 minutes twice in a day for about 15 days. They need to be used continuously to see any marked difference in the whiteness of the teeth.
  • Cons – The process of using strips for whitening is a slow process. It may be weeks before you can see a difference but be assured the results are long lasting. Also excessive use of these strips can make your teeth and gums more sensitive.


  • Pros – They are an effective way of whitening as they permit maximum interaction between teeth and the whitening agent. Also a custom fit try can easily be ordered from a professional though you will have to pay little extra money for that. For optimum result wear the tray for at least 2 hours in a day or as prescribed.
  • Cons – If you choose to a regular fit whitening tray it may not fit your mouth perfectly and hence won’t be as effective. Also the ill fitted tray can lead to leakage of the whitening gel that leads to harming the teeth and gums.

Cleaning Done By A Dentist

  • Pros – There are only pros to get a whitening treatment done by an expert. They make sure your gums and tissues are covered properly so that in case they do come in contact with the whitening agent, they stay protected. Also as they contain a larger dose of the bleaching agent, in a single sitting only your teeth can become at least 4 shades whiter.
  • Cons – While all is perfect when opting for an in office whitening treatment, the only disadvantage is the money. A professional treatment will cost you a lot more money than over the counter products.

When opting for any of the whitening method explained above the only common side effect that you should be aware of is sensitivity of the gums and tissue. It shall persist for at least 10- 15 days after any kind of whitening treatment. If they still continue, speak to your dentist as it could be a sign of an infection.

While teeth whitening do add to the beauty of your teeth and smile, they are just like makeup. Instead of going for a cosmetic solution focus more on the reason for discoloration of teeth. It could be a sign of any other dental problem that you are not aware of. Consult a professional dentist in Delhi before going any further with the whitening treatment.

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