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Five Basic Steps of Dental Implants

dental implants
July 16, 2018 No comments yet

The dental implant is something that people are unaware of. Generally people believe that it is very uneasy and difficult to have a dental implant but in reality, it is a very minor surgery and it is much more like a normal teeth to keep artificial teeth into your mouth.

The person who has a Missing one or more teeth, damaged tooth, good oral hygiene, sufficient bone in the jaw to support implants, or overall decent physical health should go for the dental implant.

This is not like ordinary surgery where you go into the operating room with missing teeth and come out with new pearly whites. Such surgeries require outpatient care and are performed in several stages.

If your teeth are damaged and damaged or injured tooth is still in your mouth, the dentist will have to remove it. This will require anesthesia and has its own procedure.
You also may need a bone graft which means the surgeon removes a small amount of bone from your body and surgically embeds it into your jawbone. This is done if your jaw does not have sufficient bone to support implants.

To make dental implant understandable, here we discuss the process of dental implants.

Initial Consultation

The foremost thing for you to do is meet your dentist for an initial consultation. In the initial consultation, your dentist will do a comprehensive dental exam, take an X-ray of your mouth, and then take impressions of your teeth. After this, your dentist will plan your treatment and during this consultation, you will actually decide whether you need a bone graft or not.

Bone Grafting and Teeth Removal

In this stage, you will go for an implant. In this, a metal screw goes into your bone and acts as the anchor for the whole prosthesis. This procedure can take 1-2 hours. After this implant session, the healing process can take at least five months for the lower jaw and seven months for the upper jaw. After your implants are healed, you are ready for the next step.

Placing The Healing Collar or Temporary Crown

The next step in this process is to place the healing collar. The dentist will place the healing collar on the head of the implant. This will help the gum tissue to heal properly. It’s a round piece of metal that keeps the gums away from the implant and stays on for 10-14 days.

Placing The Abutment

The next step is to place the abutment. The abutment is the part that screws into the implant and supports the crown. Then you’ll get a temporary crown which you will wear for four to six weeks.

Placing the Permanent Crown

The final step of s dental implant is to place the permanent crown. Crowns are the tooth looking part which is placed either in the abutment or cemented in place. There are two types of crown available, removable crown and fixed crown. You can remove the removable crown for cleaning but you won’t be able to remove the fixed crown for cleaning daily.

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