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Dental Treatments

Are You Looking Affordable Dental Treatments in Delhi?

An acute problem in the mouth can lead to a lot of pain and make a person restless. Dental problems look small but it is something that needs a lot of attention. Even a small dental problem needs to find the best dentist. So, if you are the one who is looking for affordable and best dental treatments in Delhi, there are some the points that you need to keep in mind.


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Decay and Cavities

How to Avoid Tooth Decay and Cavities?

We all know cavity is caused by bacteria and can be diagnosed by a hole that can be seen in the teeth. But a cavity does not happen overnight, it is the result of tooth decay that has been happening for quite some time.

But don’t lose heart (or maybe your teeth), this process can be treated and even reversed. But first learning how to reverse, let’s understand how the process of…

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Oral Health

Top 7 Dentist Tips for Improving Your Oral Health

Do you know most of the people who visit the dentist with issues like cavities and tooth decay are those who don’t have the habit of brushing before the bedtime?

Everyone knows that we are supposed to brush our teeth at least two times in a day, but that doesn’t mean that everyone follows this routine. While everyone diligently brushes their teeth in the morning, it’s the night time routine that they…

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What is Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

A perfect smile is key to create a good impression as well as high self-confidence. But a perfect smile is incomplete without a perfect set of white teeth. A white, flawless set of teeth can give you a great boost in your popularity index among peers.

Today’s hectic lifestyle is the main reason for yellow tooth or tooth stains. The high consumption of tea, coffee, tobacco, cola and smoking causes…

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Relation between oral health and heart disease

Relation Between Oral Health and Heart Disease

If someone tells you that if you don’t take care of your teeth or you may end up with a heart problem, you would not believe them? Well it is true! Around 7 lakh people die from heart problem every year. Strangely, gum’s health has a co relation with heart’s health. People with healthier gums are less likely to develop any kind of heart problem.

How are these two linked?

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The Best Home Remedies for Dental Pain

Tooth ache may be a small issue but it can cause big unbearable pain. It can be because of a cracked tooth, gum problem, loose filling or even sinus. Whatever the reason maybe, pain is the body’s way to tell that there is a problem and you need to visit a doctor.

Well till the time you don’t visit the dentist, you can try these home remedies that are easy to prepare…

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10 home remedies for bad breath problem

10 Home Remedies for Bad Breath Problem

Thousands and thousands of bacteria live in the mouth and any failure to clean the mouth of food particles lead to the problem like tooth decay, cavity and of course bad breath.

Having a bad breath can be quite an embarrassing problem and as much as you try, it can’t stay hidden. Consuming items like onion, garlic, coffee and alcohol affects the breath quality quite considerably. While for some it may be…

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Early Signs of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common and ignored dental problem. Though it can be treated and even reversed but if ignored it becomes the starting of various other issues like cavity, bad breath and headache.

Tooth decay can happen to a person of any age but usually it happens in children and teenagers.

There are various stages in which tooth decay occurs, but for understanding that you…

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Adopting the Tooth Friendly Diet

Teeth are your lifetime companions. All throughout your life they help you with various functions like eating, sleeping, talking and of course they add beauty to the face. No smile is complete without a beautiful set of shining white teeth.

Teeth are the only part of our body which cannot repair itself on its own. That means it’s you who has to completely take care of them. Though they can be repaired,…

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Avoid this Common Oral Health Problems for Healthy Teeth

Avoid this Common Oral Health Problems for Healthy Teeth

A healthy body is incomplete without a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth means good oral health and to maintain that condition you require a lot of patience and consistency.

While we all do get lazy in following the routine to perfection which ultimately leads to problems like cavity and several gum diseases.

Here is a list of the common oral problems that can be avoided simply by practicing good…

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