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Avoid this Common Oral Health Problems for Healthy Teeth

Avoid this Common Oral Health Problems for Healthy Teeth
April 16, 2018 No comments yet

A healthy body is incomplete without a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth means good oral health and to maintain that condition you require a lot of patience and consistency.

While we all do get lazy in following the routine to perfection which ultimately leads to problems like cavity and several gum diseases.

Here is a list of the common oral problems that can be avoided simply by practicing good oral habits regularly:

Gum Diseases: According to various dental associations, 25 percent of the people are susceptible to gum problems and if you smoke or have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, you need to be extra cautious regarding your gums. Your best shot from completely avoiding gum problems or at least stopping them from growing into a serious problem like gingivitis is following an oral hygiene routine, which includes brushing at least 2 times in a day and flossing during the night time. The tooth brush you are using should be comfortable in your hand and mouth and should have soft round bristles. For an even better cleaning you can even use a fluoride mouthwash which will make sure your gums stay in excellent health. Along with this, following the basic habits like visiting the dentist at least twice in a year and eating a balanced diet will add to your immunity against the bacteria.

Tooth Decay: Do you know that after common cold, tooth decay is the problem that most of the people suffer from? So what can you do to prevent it? Well, brushing and flossing are necessary to avoid any kind of teeth issue. Along with them, you can go for options like sealants & fluoride treatments which will really help and prevent your teeth from any kind of bacterial attack. Along with these measures, make a conscious effort to stay far away from the 4 dreaded S – sugar, salt, soda and smoking. If taken in excess these will harm the teeth enamel and make them vulnerable. Smoking especially because not only it destroys the teeth enamel it even causes the saliva to dry up which plays an important role in keeping tooth decaying elements at bay.

Bad Breath: Bad breath is one of the most common sign of a bad oral hygiene. It is usually caused by excessive bacteria and plaque on the tongue. Make sure you are well hydrated and using a mouth wash to effectively treat the problem and make your breath smell clean and fresh.

TMJ: Temporomandibular joint is a syndrome in which any which any part of the facial muscles gets affected and hurts. Around 20% of the people suffer from it in the forms of headaches, jaw popping and tenderness. One of the main reasons that activate this problem is the habit of jaw clenching or grinding. Though other factors like accident, a blow to the head can also lead to this problem. The habit of teeth grinding is really harmful to teeth’s health and it acts just like a tooth decaying bacteria would. Teeth grinding harms the enamel considerably and makes them weak which in turn leads to problems like gum issues, crooked teeth, and cavity. If you are also one of those who suffers from the habit of teeth grinding talk to a dentist and he may suggest you a mouth guard which will prevent the teeth and gums from the harm. Some professionals link tooth grinding to stress level and hence prescribe meditation in curing this habit.

These are the common basic problems that are caused by not taking good care of your teeth and gums. Following good oral hygiene routine not only makes sure that your teeth are healthy but also adds that extra confidence and beauty to the smile.

Here are few tips that will help you in maintaining the oral health and avoiding the above mentioned problems:

  • Brush at least twice a day for a minimum of three minutes.
  • Follow the correct brushing technique.
  • Use the correct tooth brush that will ensure the perfect cleaning and will help you remove extra plaque.
  • Don’t forget to add floss and mouthwash to your routine.
  • Replace your tooth brush every 5 months or as and when needed.
  • Avoid food items that have high sugar content.
  • Visit the best dentist at least twice in a year or as soon as you notice a small problem with the teeth.
  • Consuming a balanced diet that will make sure you have a strong immunity.
  • Drinking adequate amount of water.
  • Avoiding excessive drinking, smoking or drugs.

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